Corporate and Individual
Income Tax Return Services

Takano Sogo established 36 years ago has a wealth of real experience in providing tax services to corporations and individuals.
Takano Sogo has about 600 corporate and individual clients from a wide range of businesses such as manufacturing, finance, construction etc. Their size varies from large listed companies to SMEs (small and medium-sized enterprises).

Japanese Tax Advisory Services

Takano Sogo provides the highest quality tax advisory service for complex issues such as corporate recovery and corporate reorganization as well as providing solutions for practical tax problems which require decisions based on experience and in-depth industry knowhow.

Supporting the founding or liquidation

In pursuing successful investment in Japan through a scheme of opening branch offices or a corporate form, it is a paramount task for a foreign company to consider all the legal and tax aspects of such an investment according to Japanese company acts, Japanese tax acts and Japanese labour laws in a consolidated way.

We, Takano Accounting Firm, introduce you adequate services through its solid and effective network with experienced professionals in versatile areas such as lawyers specializing in corporate matters, financial matters, estate planning, as well as patent agents and real estate appraisers.

Outsourcing service of accouting

It is a burdensome task for a foreign corporation to prepare financial statements in accordance with related Japanese laws, regulations and customs by its own staff. We prepare books of account by identifying various vouchers for accounting treatment and filing them appropriately.

We modify accounting data to various reporting formats reflecting clients’ requests as well as general ledgers and trial balance sheets. If a client is a foreign corporation, we are able to reflect the complex content of needs from the client’s parent company in its home country in the books of accounts by our English speaking staff. We are also able to correspond with the client’s parent company in its home country on behalf of the client, to clarify parent company’s various requirements with respect to accounting treatment. Books of account themselves can be prepared in English and in various currency units as well.

We prepare financial statements as well as the detailed statements attached to them and business reports based on the Company’s Acts. We prepare reports which need to be submitted in each fiscal year, reflecting the requirements of the client. Especially, in the case of a foreign corporation, we prepare a consolidated package based on the GAAP of its home country by making necessary adjustments to the accounting figures from Japanese GAAP. We also prepare reports for management purposes to be submitted to the parent company in the home country.

Adjusting the gap between accounting standards

The large majority of Japanese companies apply “J-GAAP” (Japanese Accounting standards), and it is also common in Japan that “SMEs” apply Japanese income tax basis accounting.
The differences between J-GAAP or Japanese income tax basis accounting and IFRS or USGAAP are major obstacles to grasp the financial condition of subsidiaries (branches) or to review the achievements of the investment. Takano Sogo Accounting Firm has many Certified Public Accountants and Tax Accountants who are well versed in IFRS or USGAAP, so we can solve problems of the differences by adjusting accounting procedures.

Financial due diligence
and valuation service

In the case of investment rating in M&A or reorganization of an ailing company, external specialists’ due diligence or valuation of corporate value is indispensable.
Takano Sogo Accounting Firm (and Takano Sogo Consulting Co. which is a member of Takano Sogo Accounting group) has provided many financial advisory services for over 35 years. The quality of our financial advisory service is highly evaluated, and we can support your M&A or corporate revival by financial investigation (due diligence, valuation etc.) from the standpoint of the client’s perspective.

Auditing service

Since being distant from the parent company and accounting standards being different, the reliability of financial statements on subsidiaries (branches) and investment are not collateralized in many cases.
TSK Audit Co., which is a member of Takano Sogo Accounting group, offers high quality audit service by experienced Certified Public Accountants not only in J-GAAP but also in IFRS or USGAAP. And it also reviews financial statements based on the client’s needs.

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